First-Year Students

Reserve your place...

Congratulations on your acceptance! Your next step is to reserve your place in the freshman class at Cornell University.

Reply online. Go to and log in using the password you created to view your online admission decision. Complete and submit the form to pay your $400 deposit.

When we receive your response and enrollment deposit, we will officially reserve a place in the class for you. The enrollment deposit is due May 1 or the university cannot guarantee that a place will be held for you. The $400 enrollment deposit is nonrefundable.

Deferring Enrollment

Students admitted under the Early Decision program must submit requests by March 1. Students admitted under the Regular Decision program must submit requests by June 1.

College Savings Plan

If you are planning to use funds from a 529 College Savings Plan to pay the $400 enrollment deposit, you will need to take a personal distribution and transfer the funds to a personal checking account. Once this is complete, you will then submit an e-check for the $400 enrollment deposit. Specific questions about this process should be directed to your 529 College Savings Plan representative. You can also contact us by phone at 607-255-5241.

Check Your To-Do List

Visit and check your “To Do List” to prepare for your new life at Cornell. Find out everything from how to set up your email account to what happens on move-in day.

Housing and Dining Sign-Ups

In early April, you will receive information about Cornell’s housing and dining options (application forms will be made available online). We’ll also let you know what tuition, housing, and dining costs are expected to be for the academic year 2019-20.

  • Mark the date! Residence halls officially open Friday, August 23, 2019

Come Visit Us

Come try us on for size! Attend Cornell Days, our annual program in April for newly admitted students (that’s you!) and your family. Cornell Days lets you explore Cornell, hang out with current students, and meet your new classmates. More information will be sent to you in early April.