Places to Visit

Have extra time in your day? Here are places on or near campus that we suggest you check out!

Army, Air Force, and Navy Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) - Be a leader.

Carol Tatkon Center - For all of your first-year questions.

Chimes Concerts - The best view on campus.

Cornell Athletics and Physical Education - Intramurals, club teams, and over 300 courses available!

Cornell Center for Intercultural Dialogue - Embracing communities.

Cornell Orchards - An apple a day...

Cornell Outdoor Education - Climb a tree!

Cornell Botanic Gardens – Stop and smell the flowers, or take a hike.

Cornell United Religious Work - Connect with your spirituality.

Cornell Women’s Resource Center - Where history meets the future.

Department of Performing and Media Arts - Lights, Camera, Action!

Department of Music - Show off your talent.

Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art - Cornell’s very own museum.

Learning Strategies Center - Learn how to learn.

Recreational Services - Get out and play.

Shoals Marine Laboratory - Dive in and explore.

The Cornell Public Service Center - Volunteer for a cause.

The Cornell Store - Get your gear!

The Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives - Something for everyone.                                                  #cornelldays